Raise Your Rainbow® is an interactive healthy eating game that gets kids excited about eating fruits and vegetables.

As a mom, I wanted to create a game that would motivate my two children to eat more fruits and vegetables and make it easy for me to see at a glance if they were eating enough fruits and vegetables throughout the day – so I created Raise Your Rainbow®
Raise Your Rainbow® is easy to play. Children keep track of the fruits and vegetables they eat using the fun, colorful rainbow bands. Amazingly enough they will start asking for fruits and vegetables at snacks and meals so they can Raise their Rainbow and win the game.
Interacting with fruits and vegetables as colors and rainbows is much more engaging for kids versus being told to "eat your asparagus!" Kids are motivated to eat reds, greens and yellows so they can Raise their Rainbow. The challenge to build a rainbow with their food choices taps into their love of play and brings a sense of excitement to fruits and vegetables (finally!)
It’s great to see how proud children feel when they win the game. Best of all, when children play Raise Your Rainbow® they learn how to make healthy food choices for themselves and ultimately they “win” a healthy eating habit for life!
Tracy Sivak
Creator of Raise Your Rainbow®