About Us

My name is Tracy and I am the creator of Raise Your Rainbow®. I am also the mother of two young children. My journey started when I realized my family’s diet was out of balance because we weren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables. It can be a daily challenge to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables and that's what inspired me to create Raise Your Rainbow®.

Raise Your Rainbow® was an instant success in our house and soon my kids were asking me what they could eat in order to win Raise Your Rainbow®! We found that eating by color is a fun (and very effective) way for our family to remember to eat fruits and vegetables every day. As a result we are now eating many more fruits and vegetables overall, and I couldn’t be happier.

I am excited to introduce Raise Your Rainbow® to you along with our new website. We’ve been using this game with much success for years and are thrilled to finally share it with everyone.