The Game

What is Raise Your Rainbow?

Raise Your Rainbow® is an interactive healthy eating game that gets kids excited about eating fruits and vegetables.

Raise Your Rainbow® creates a fun, positive atmosphere around fruits and vegetables.  Kids learn best when they are engaged and having fun. Raise Your Rainbow® provides parents a complete system for promoting healthy eating through play, tracking, talking, and focusing on this goal while at the same time teaching responsibility and boosting self-esteem.  The outcome is increased fruit and vegetable consumption and a healthy eating habit instilled early in life.

 Raise Your Rainbow® is a:


Turning something into a game is the best way to get kids excited and involved.  When playing Raise Your Rainbow® children will ask for fruits and vegetables!  You’ll be amazed at what a big difference a little motivation will make. 

Raise Your Rainbow® helps busy parents see at a glance if their child is eating enough fruits and vegetables.  Just look at the number of bands that have been raised at any point during the day to see if your child is on track to eat 5-9 servings.  Tracking also keeps you focused on your goal and acts as a great motivator for your child - every time they move up a rainbow band they feel a sense of accomplishment.

Displayed prominently on your fridge, cabinet door, or table, Raise Your Rainbow® helps your family stay focused on the goal of eating more fruits and vegetables every day.

Use Raise Your Rainbow® to talk to your children about why you want them to eat plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables and why it’s important to their health. 

Raise Your Rainbow® works because it’s easy for children to play and it motivates them to make healthy food choices.  Kids know eating fruits and vegetables is good for them and they feel proud when they accomplish this healthy eating goal on their own!