How to Play

To get the most out of playing Raise Your Rainbow® follow these simple steps:

1.  Stock up
Have a wide selection of fruits and vegetables available at home. Talk to your kids about what they like and experiment with new fruits and vegetables too.   

2.  Be a Role Model
You are your child’s #1 role model.  When children see their parents enjoying fruits and vegetables, it conveys an important message about healthy eating.  Children are very impressionable and soon your way of eating will become theirs.   

3.  Have a Talk

Use Raise Your Rainbow® as a conversation starter and talk about the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.  If children know why fruits and vegetables are good for them, they’ll be more likely to eat them.   Make it age appropriate, for example, “Fruits and vegetables help you stay healthy, give you energy, and help you grow to be big and strong,” and, “Every color has a different ‘job’ to help make you healthy, so eat a rainbow of colors every day!”  See our Color Guide for more information about the benefits of each color.

4.  Play the Game!
Simply place Raise Your Rainbow® within your child’s reach and in a central location.  The game pieces are magnetic so you can play directly on the refrigerator.  Or use the included magnetic gameboard to play on the dining table, kitchen countertop, or even on your non-magnetic / stainless steel refrigerator door. 


How to Play:  Each time you eat a fruit or vegetable, move up, i.e. “raise”, the corresponding colored rainbow band to the title bar.  When all 5 rainbow bands have been raised to form a complete rainbow you win!  You’re a “Bonus Winner” if all 4 Bonus Serving Stars have been earned along with the 5 rainbow bands, indicating you ate 9 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day.

See FAQ’s – Game Related for more information about how to play Raise Your Rainbow®.